An obstetrician-gynecologist, better referred to as an ob-gyn, is a health practitioner who specializes in women's health care. It is very essential for girls to make an appointment with an ob-gyn in their early years usually during their teenage years. Most people shy away from visiting this kind of doctor since they mainly deal with the reproductive system of a female. During the first visit, one might be a bit nervous and talking about it with your parent or friend will help you calm down. Usually during the first visit, one gets to sit down with the doctor and have a talk. During consultation one is able to find out more information on how to keep healthy at all times and what one should expect during future visits. 

Doctor montanarella one visits will ask a lot of questions especially personal ones about one's sexual activities or menstrual period. These doctors maintain discretion as the sessions are kept private and any information that transpires during the session is confidential. There are a few exams that the doctor performs on a person during their first exam such as a general physical exam as well as an external genital one. If at all one is experiencing some pain on their lower abdomen, then the doctor will perform a pelvis exam. Some even conduct tests for various STI's in order to detect the problem. 

During the physical exam, doctor montanarella checks one's weight, height as well as their blood pressure. They will also examine their patients for other health problems that they may be experiencing. One can discuss various issues with the ob-gyn such as cramps, emotional ups and downs, STIs, sexuality as well as acne and weight issues. When looking for an ob-gyn to visit, one should choose one who is understanding and forthcoming as well. This way, one doesn't shy off from expressing their issues to the doctor in fear of judgment. 

In order to be healthy and strong at all times, one should ensure they make great lifestyle choices. Eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy diet will have a good impact on one's weight and health as well. Exercising every now and then will also come in handy for women and girls in general. One should ensure they avoid habits such as smoking and taking alcohol as it may interfere with one's health.You can also learn more about doctors by checking out the post at 


Keeping up with routine exams is one way to ensure that you are healthy at all times and that one receives the medication or treatment they need.